Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just Imagine - Wide-Eyed-Wonder - Charlotte Joyce Kidd

1 – A city street on Halloween night. It’s dark but light spills onto the sidewalk from the open door of a bar. As Wonder Woman walks by, a young woman dressed as Wonder Woman almost stumbles into her.

GIRL: Hey, we’re wearing the same costume!

WONDERWOMAN: Watch where you’re going.

2 – Wonder Woman walks away. She starts to pull her coat on.

WONDERWOMAN (thought): God, I hate Halloween. That get-up wasn’t even remotely accurate. Every year, these silly girls --

The thought is interrupted by a scream off-panel.

3 – Outside the bar again, a man has his arms wrapped around the girl.

GIRL: Get off me!

MAN: C’mon sweetie, you’re wearing the costume...

4 – WW drops her coat, runs back to the bar, and has thrown the attacker to the ground before he knows what’s happening.

5 – WW reaches out to help the girl up.

WONDERWOMAN: Are you okay?

GIRL: Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you so much.

WONDERWOMAN: Well, we’re wearing the same costume. What’s your name?

6 – The girl takes WW’s hand.

GIRL: I’m Diana. What’s yours?

WONDERWOMAN: Maria. Nice to meet you.


  1. I'll bite - I get that we've got a young Diana Prince/would-be-Wonder-Woman here, otherwise I'm having a hard time telling what's going on.

  2. I really dig this little vignette of Stan Lee's Maria Mendoza. I think the initial frustration / realization that we're all kind of in it together works well over the course of the page, and I dig the little metatextual meetup between Maria and Diana Prince, with the implicit commentary ("that get-up wasn't even remotely accurate") that DC's current Wonder Woman maybe isn't pulling her weight in living up to what the character represents.

    Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's definitely my take.


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