Saturday, September 19, 2015

Little Nemo in Slumberland - Arsetz - P. A. Nolte

1/ Nemo in bed.

Caption: One night, after many failed attempts, Morpheus sent one of his most trusted advisors to deliver Nemo to Princess Camille.

Caption: But Arsetz was not the same as the others.  He did not reveal himself through conventional means.

2/ Nemo wakes as he sinks through the bed, the sheets and covers getting pulled down into the dark along with him.

3/ Nemo has dropped through the bed and into, ... the night sky?  His sheets tumble downward, but Nemo instinctually spreads out his arms in an attempt to fly.  At the same time, a small bird arrives to speak with him.  Dark clouds are gathering.

Arsetz: Little Nemo!  The King's daughter, Princess Camille, has requested your presence.

Nemo: The princess?!

4/ The dark clouds are overwhelming now.  One of them emits a bolt of lightning that strikes Nemo.

Nemo: Oh no!


5/ Singed, he drops like a rock into the waters of the murky lake below.

6/ Underwater, a fish tries to speak with him.  Like with the bird, Nemo is too engrossed in his adventure to pay much attention.

Arsetz: Little Nemo!  Wait!  You mustn't get lost in the Forest of Nascent Dreams!  It's too wild!

7/ Nemo crawls out of the lake.

8/ As he does, ominous laughter sounds over his shoulder.

SFX: Ha Ha Ha!

9/ Nemo runs through the forest at the edge of the lake.  A squirrel, Arsetz in disguise, tries to match his pace and call out to Nemo.

Arsetz: Little Nemo!  Please!  If you don't stop running you'll--

10/ Nemo is hanging off the foot of his bed, as if he tripped and fell, but found sheets and pillows instead of foliage and underbrush.  His mother is chastising him.

Mother: Wake up, Nemo!  You don't want to be late for your test!

Caption: Maybe tomorrow night, Little Nemo...

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