Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Little Nemo in Slumberland – Not All Dreams Are As Sweet – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: NEMO, in classic style, is walking through the deserted street of his home city. The direction he’s walking towards shows hints of something else on the horizon.

TEXT: I walked through a dream of a land far away,

Panel 2: NEMO approaches what appears to have once been SLUMBERLAND. It looks rather abandoned, the full extent of the damage is not quite clear yet.

CAMILLE: (Off-Panel, minimized) nemo…

TEXT: A place I knew well in my youth,

Panel 3: The full extent of the devastation wrought upon SLUMBERLAND is clear – the place looks like someone effectively destroyed it, though it continues to persist for unknown reasons. Longstanding characters – minus PRINCESS CAMILLE – are lying about the ground, fallen but without signs that they’re actually dead.

CAMILLE: (Off-Panel) Nemo…

TEXT: And as I saw that it had seen better days,

Panel 4: NEMO looks to where he sees PRINCESS CAMILLE off in the distance, much as he would remember her from times past. Despite the distance, she’s looking towards him, a single arm reached out in his direction. Something dark looms behind her, however.

CAMILLE: Return to us, Nemo…

TEXT: In my time did I realize the truth –

Panel 5: A continuation of PANEL 4 – PRINCESS CAMILLE is now a full-grown woman, and her look is as one who finds herself in a terrible situation, though as we see her she looks mostly fine aside from the dark shadow monsters that loom behind her in an intimidating and terrible fashion. The monsters have their attention focused largely on NEMO.

CEMILLE: Save us…

TEXT: That to that world I must somehow return,

Panel 6: NEMO wakes – we see him lying in bed, now a full-grown man in his mid to late twenties. He looks like he’s just awoken from a nightmare.

TEXT: Lest some terrible thing be set loose.


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  1. Adult Nemo seems to be the theme this week. Yours, though, is more the horror of childhood left behind. I'd love to know more of Camille and the Slumberland apocalypse. Dark and fascinating page, MK


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