Sunday, September 13, 2015

Little Nemo in Slumberland - Out in the Cold - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Grant sits at a desk in his home, wearing his pajamas and trying to write.  He leans back in his chair, looking a bit frustrated.


2 - Classic Nemo character Flip walks onto the panel, wearing winter clothes.  A gust of wind blows throw, making taking up some papers / maybe Grant covers them in time.

FLIP: ...

3 - The wind dies down, but snowflakes start falling.  Grant turns from his desk to greet Flip.

GRANT: Oh hey, Flip.

FLIP: What's up?

4 - Snow starts to cover the floor.  Grant stands and talks to Flip, shivering a bit.  Flip listens intently.

GRANT (1): I don't know what to do.

GRANT (2): This week's prompt is throwing me for a loop.

FLIP: Is it bad?

5 - Grant and Flip start walking away from the desk (which is quickly being covered in snow).  The room is transforming into a literal winter wonderland - the wall is falling away (maybe already gone) and they are outside.  Snow continues to fall.  A sweater hangs from a coat rack (which looks suspiciously like a tree).

GRANT: Just the opposite.  It's really, really good.  Full of potential, but it's also super wide open.

6 - Grant is putting on the sweater (perhaps it's still covering his head).  Flip looks on in bemusement.  The snow continues - maybe there's a group of snowmen in the distance.

GRANT: I find that without enough restriction, sometimes I have a hard time knowing where to start.

7 - The group of snowmen have caught up with Flip and Grant.  One puts a hat on Grant's head (too hard, once again covering his head).

GRANT: It should be setting my creative thoughts aflame.

8 - Grant pulls off the hat to adjust it.

GRANT: Instead, it leaves me...

9 - Flip and Grant continue walking.  Grant is still shivering, despite the additional clothing (beyond the sweater and hat, he's still just wearing pajamas).  They might have to put up their hands / arms to block the snow, which continues to blow (perhaps even stronger).

GRANT: Well...

10 - Grant stops in his tracks.  Flip takes the opportunity to start making a snowball.

GRANT: It leaves me...

11 - Grant gestures to the full-on winter wonderland around them.  He's clearly quite cold - freezing even.  Flip has finished his snowball, perhaps throwing it up and down in his hand.


12 - Flip throws the snowball, which takes Grant full on in the face, completely covering it in the snowy impact.  Grant does not look impressed, while Flip thinks it's pretty funny.  Play this cartoony as heck (perhaps with the unimpressed eyes looking throw the snow, ala Looney Tunes).

SFX: paft!

13 - Inset panel.  Classic ending to Little Nemo strips - Grant is sitting up in bed wearing his pajamas.  His blanket is on the ground and he's shivering like crazy, as the window above him is open, letting in the cold.

GRANT: Brrr!  Who left the window open?

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  1. As a fellow sufferer of writer's block, your take on it this week is sheer joy. Playful and charming, and great perspective into your subconscious. Cool page.


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