Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why Just Imagine?

Because Stan Lee himself is too important a guy to waste on just any old pick.

It’s more true a statement than you might imagine. Because yeah, Stan Lee’s a big deal. And when I was considering who to pick this week, I was ready to settle on Stan Lee himself, in spite of second thoughts I had on using him just for any old week. And then an alternate option came up that allows for the spirit of Stan Lee while still saving Stan Lee himself for a more important occasion.

If you’re not familiar with it, the “Just Imagine Stan Lee” series is Stan Lee officially taking some of DC’s biggest characters and reimagining them in his own style. This, from the man who built the Marvel Universe, and it got its own special miniseries where his name takes precedent over the iconic characters he’s re-writing.

Because as comics go, Stan Lee actually is that big a deal.

Thus, your mission this week is as follows: Pick a Marvel or DC character, then – in the spirit of Stan Lee – re-imagine that character in the style of the other company. If you want to write about Spider-Man, tell us in a single page what you think he’s look like if he’d been created at DC. Interested in writing about Blue Beetle and Booster Gold? Just imagine how they might look as part of Marvel’s line up. Have a hankering to do something with the Fantastic Four? Show us what they’d look like as part of the DC universe.

Want to write about Deathstroke? Just write a Deadpool page.

I kid, I kid.

In all seriousness, though, if you’ve ever wondered what your favorite character might look like if they were a staple working for the other side, here’s your chance to show it off, live the dream, and just imagine like you’re Stan Lee - EXCELSIOR!


  1. That Deathstroke / Deadpool joke is killer.

  2. I've always wanted to do an alternate take on Jay Garrick's Flash so...
    “A Bolt”

    1.1: A wide panel of the crowded NYC sidewalk. Now let’s not get into all of the faces, because that’s a pain in the ass for you to draw. The idea is to show the street in a blur. The CAPTION can be in italics, if you choose to affect SPEED.

    1. CAP [Narration]: Everyone thinks that the world must be a blur to someone like me.

    1.2: Closer on the crowd, and in it we can see a KID in a WHITE SKATER HELMET with wings painted on the side of the helmet. Longish brown hair peaks out underneath it. We get the slightest tease of the RED JACKET the kid is wearing—a hood drapes over the top most edge of an embroidered GRATEFUL DEAD LIGHTNING BOLT .

    2. CAP [Narration]: But really things are very SLOW.

    1.3: ON THE KID’S FACE: This is Jay Garrick’s Flash, but he’s TWENTY-FIVE and a skater punk. His eyes gleam with hopeful eyes filled with curiosity. He’s speaking to us.

    3. JAY: You have to be PATIENT.
    4. JAY: The natural STATE is everything slows down and I—

    1.4: He’s passing an alley where there’s a MUGGER holding up a woman. The Mugger has her pinned against the wall by her neck—she’s losing a high heel.

    5. JAY: --notice more.

    1.5: Now Jay is WALKING TOWARDS the alley. He’s looking very nonchalant. He’s strolling, STRUTTING if you will, towards his target.

    6. JAY: Doing the right thing is as easy as walking.

    1.6: Jay’s fist is raised—it’s colliding with the mugger’s jaw. The MUGGER is turned toward us—a tooth flies out of his mouth.

    7. JAY: So I really have no excuse to do NOTHING.

    1.7: As if he's been shot out of a cannon, the mugger flies down the alley. This is the only time we’ll see speed lines.


    1.8: Things are now at normal speed. The WOMAN sees JAY standing where the Mugger was. He’s put on yellow sunglasses that obscure his face. This is kind of like Ramon Villalobos reimagined the Jay Garrick Flash in the Marvel Universe. He’s a dash of Evan Peters as Quicksilver too.

    7. JAY: Hi, I’m THE FLASH.


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