Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ashkan Honarvar’s Heroes - Jim Steinman Was Here - P. A. Nolte

1/ Fire and metal.  An extreme close-up of an ongoing battle.  Exactly what's happening is unclear.

Caption: Evel Knievel once said he'd crawl to Cape Kennedy to go to the moon.

2/ Pulling back, the Human Torch is ferociously attacking Colossus, whose organic steel is somehow holding its shape under the intense heat.

Caption: But not if he was gonna be the second man there.

3/ Colossus grabs hold of the Human Torch's foot.  He is about to swing his upwardly-mobile opponent into the ground when, ...

Ghost Rider (OP): Enough!

4/ Both of them recoil in pain, hands immediately going to their heads like they're experiencing the worst migraine imaginable.

5/ Ghost Rider.  He is standing over the crumpled form of The Orb.  Piotr and Johnny are both looking dazed.  Not surprising for two superheroes coming to the sudden realization that their thoughts and actions have been completely fabricated for the past... who knows how long.  They are in a castle in Latveria.  More precisely, in the mysteriously unoccupied throne room of one Doctor Doom.

Ghost Rider: What the Hell are you two doing here?

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  1. I'm echoing Ghost Rider's question here. Very interesting in media res page - grabs my attention and will not let go. I quite like the Evil Kineval quote along with The Orb and Ghost Rider. Nice combo.


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