Friday, October 2, 2015

Ashkan Honarvar’s Heroes - OUROBOROS – Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (Splash Page)


Caption:  “Please state your name.”

Caption:  “You know my name.”

Caption:  “Yes, I do, but for the record: what is your name?”

Caption:  “Doom.”

Caption:  “And how did you come to possess the Cosmic Control Rod?”

Caption:  “I followed the Devil through the mirror.  Doom rules All, and All begs to be ruled.

Doom:  Oh - - I have such wonderful friends.

Caption:  “Once inside the mirror, the Devil became pieces, multiplying, insects emerging from a seventeen year sleep, breathing fire and breaking the armor of Doom. 
Caption:  “Sprouting new limbs, I vanquished the Devil and gazed upon the Hell that was now mine.” 
Caption:  “Why did you leave?”
Caption:  “I was exiled, pulled away from yet another kingdom.
Caption:  “We’re linked, you know - - your father and I. 
Caption:  “Ouroboros into infinite eternities.”

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  1. Wow. Derek, you once again drop some cosmic weirdness and stick the landing. I like how you litearlly used one of the pieces as your page, sprinkling some great storytelling on top of it. And what a story it is. Some really evocative language in there that I can't help but wonder after.


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