Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clea - The Anthropocene - David Press


1.1: A dark panel covered in little specs of light shining through like stars in the sky. Clea’s narrative captions hang in space like Hazel’s handwriting in SAGA, so they look like they’re dangling in the black like constellations.

       1. CLEA [CAPTION]: When we came here my father and I had nothing.

1.2: The lights turn on to a degree. We can see shades of NORTH AMERICA in the constellations.

       2. CLEA [CAPTION]: It wasn’t like…

       3. CLEA [CAPTION]: …Let there be light!

1.3: A SLASH OF LIGHT crosses the night sky, like someone is cutting into the fabric of space-time. Edges of color leak through it.

       4. CLEA [CAPTION]: No. Someone performed surgery.

1.4: CLEA appears in the darkness, framed by the constellations, her finger up to her lips. This is a MEDIUM SHOT, so from her chest up, but she’s not wearing what she would normally be wearing—something slightly more tasteful. She’s wearing a colored shirt, a string of pearls light up her face and accent her silver hair.

       5. CLEA: That’s when he came for me.

1.5: DOCTOR STRANGE blasts through the scalpel tear in dimensions.


1.6: They stand next to each other in the newly illuminated DARK DIMENSION.

       6. CLEA [CAPTION]: He brought the anthropocene: The age of humans in the Dark Dimension.


  1. Wow. The words are well wed to your imagery, to the point where you're damn near scholarly. It's a deep read that definitely helps me understand why Dormammu would see Strange as the invader, the virus that threatens the system. My brain was not ready for this, but what a great entry this week. Kudos, Mr Press.

  2. Thanks, R.A!

    Very kind of you to say. (The word Anthropocene is from a colleague's recent editorial in the New York Times. His name is Curt Stager and he's talking about climate change.)


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