Monday, October 26, 2015

Clea - Missing the Mark - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Dr. Strange is in the kitchen, chopping veggies.  I know he wouldn't actually be wearing his Sorcerer Supreme outfit, but I think it would be funny if he was.  Instead, I guess he can have a novelty kitchen apron - maybe another Marvel superhero like Captain America or something?

CLEA (off-panel): For the last time, I don't know who your baby's father is!

SFX (off-panel): slam!

CLEA (off-panel): argh!

2 - Clea stomps into the kitchen, clearly frustrated.  Doctor Strange looks up from chopping.

DOCTOR STRANGE: Something the matter, honey?

CLEA: The mystical tip line is a failure.  The only callers I've gotten seem obsessed with the idea that I should read their future.

3 - Clea hands over a piece of paper to Doctor Strange.  Strange takes it, interest on his face.

CLEA: I don't understand it.  I took out an ad and everything, just like Danny and Luke suggested.

4 - Doctor Strange looks at the paper, a small smile on his face.

DOCTOR STRANGE: Did they by any chance write that ad for you?

CLEA: Why do you ask?

5 - Focus on the paper / ad.  Doctor Strange's hand is visible at one side holding the paper.  There's some copy at the top referring "Horrible hauntings?  Monstrous maulings?  There's a solution for you!"  Some of that can be cut off by the panel border, as the focus is on the following words:

It won't cost a fortune.  I'm telling you don't miss this chance.  Clea is here to help!  Call me now!

That said, four words in that block of text are much bigger and bolder, causing them to stand out

Fortune Telling Miss Clea

Which, along with the "Call me now!" could lead to a much different interpretation than what Clea is likely going for.

DOCTOR STRANGE (off-panel): No reason.


  1. There's something charming about the domestic side of Doctor Strange. And the ad just gets funnier the straighter I play it in my head. I even imagine them giggling as Danny and Luke write it, an innocent practical joke at her naïveté. Lots to like, made all the more playful by what's suggested as well as what's shown. Neat script, Grant...


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