Sunday, October 25, 2015

Clea - Turn the Page, Part 1 - Ray Wonsowski

Panel 1 - Interior, an antique shop in Greenwich Village. It's crowded with furniture and knick-knacks, near impossible to be walked through, but we are being led by the owner's son, AUGUST TURN, to the back of the shop. He is in his early 20s, completely average in height, weight and looks. He wears glasses and a bowling shirt, brown hair combed back. He's walking backwards, talking to us, smiling nervously.

TURN: I figured, 19th century Russian armoire, and the lady's storing mops and brooms in it. I give her a hundred bucks and bring it here.

Panel 2- TURN gestures to an armoire in the back of the shop. The design is based on the Louis XV style (see photo reference here), but the panels have etched inlay design, reminiscent of old Russian religious icons, and the trim seems slightly distorted by wrong geometry.

TURN: Pretty sweet piece, right? So, I'm cleaning it, checking it for nicks, I open the door...

Panel 3- TURN opens the armoire door. Inside is the Ditko-esque surreal landscape of the Dark Dimension.


Panel 4- TURN closes the door, a half-smile on his lips, fixes his hair as he twists to talk to us again.

TURN: Swear, straight out of Ghostbusters, am I right?
Off-panel: Sorry?
TURN: Ghostbusters? "Who ya gonna call?"

Panel 5- TURN still talking to us, albeit sheepishly embarrassed, hands in jeans pockets.

Off-panel: I don't know what that means.
TURN:, never mind...
Off-panel: Besides, you called me. None to soon, from what I see.
TURN: You know what that is?
Off-panel: Of course...

Panel 6- POV shifts, from inside the armoire, we are looking out, the doors thrown wide open by CLEA STRANGE, sorceress supreme. She is dressed in her typical purple, pink, and black tight fitting tunic and leggings, the Cloak of Levitation over her shoulders, the Eye of Agamotto shining at her throat. TURN stands behind her, looking curiously over her shoulder, eyes wide.

CLEA: ...this is my home.
TURN: ...err...
CLEA: Come, August Turn. I believe my uncle is waiting... be continued...

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