Monday, October 19, 2015

Doctor Crowe - Boiled Frogs - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Doctor Crowe and Nora stand at a clearing, looking at a sizeable body of water that is filled - absolutely filled - with frogs starring back at the two heroes.  They're everywhere, sitting, floating, and doing general froggy-stuff, but they're all focused on Crowe and Nora.  Nora looks towards Doctor Crowe, while Doctor Crowe looks back at the frogs.  LETTERING NOTE: The sfx could either be one big thing at the bottom of the panel or a bunch of small ones, both options to represent how many frogs there are.

NORA: Doc...

SFX: rr-bit!

2 - Close-up of a frog in the water (such as this).  It isn't really necessary to have much further detail to the panel than the frog.

NORA (off-panel): ...what is this?

3 - Doctor Crowe puts out an arm in front of Nora and holds out his crossbow with the other.  He continues to look directly at the frogs.

DOCTOR CROWE (1): We need to go.


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