Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doctor Crowe – Haunted House of Horrors – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Interior, a haphazard laboratory inside a secluded mansion. It is night, with a dark atmosphere covering the entire scene. DR CROWE is hidden within the darkness, looking about for his target.

Said target is a creepy-looking Dr. Frankenstein type, MR JASPER. He hides behind an operating table that’s covering a large individual in a less than clean operating sheet, preventing us from seeing what’s underneath.

DR CROWE: You’ve gone beyond the madness of even Frankenstein himself.

Panel 2: MR JASPER sneaks into the darkness as he tries to evade DR CROWE. DR CROWE glances out from cover, revealing just a peek at him.

MR JASPER: Dr. Frankenstein wishes he could rival me!

Panel 3: DR CROWE steps out from cover, crossbow aimed out, ready to be fired.

DR CROWE (1): I believe you’ve made my point for me, Mr. Jasper.

MR JASPER: (Off Panel) It’s Dr. Jasper, thank you.

DR CROWE (2): That’s not what I heard.

Panel 4: DR CROWE moves carefully about the lab, certain he knows exactly where MR JASPER is, even if he doesn’t have a clear line of sight to him.

MR JASPER (1): (Off Panel) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

MR JASPER (2): People say so many things.

MR JASPER (3): I doubt any of them mentioned all I’ve accomplished.

SFX: CreeeeEAAAAaaaa

Panel 5: Panel is behind DR CROWE, hinting at some kind of monstrosity that’s sneaking up on him.

DR CROWE: They mentioned your experiments. That’s all I needed to hear.

MR JASPER: (Off-Panel) Is that so?

Panel 6: DR CROWE starts to turn to look at the creature that’s behind him, preparing for its full appearance on the next page.


MR JASPER: (Off Panel) Then perhaps I should introduce you.


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  1. Darn you, Stangeland! A masterful stinger at the end; way to build that tension to the point where the page had to be turned. Well done script, sir.


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