Sunday, October 18, 2015

Doctor Crowe - Too Little - Corey Fryia

Panel 1.

Dr. Crowe is tending to a grouping of plague sores on a servant’s wrist. The two are completely unaware of what is transpiring behind them. The silhouette of Lord Ambrose’s transformation into a hellacious, plague-infested werewolf can be seen through the canopy drapes.

1 CAP DR. CROWE: The chilling memory still haunts me to this day. I was a fool to think that I could stop the grisly inevitable.

2 DR. CROWE: Now, miss, let's have a look at that arm of yours.

Panel 2.

The werewolf stands before them on its haunches, towering over Dr. Crowe and the servant girl. Dr. Crowe has armed his steam-powered crossbow and has it pointed directly at the werewolf.

3 DR. CROWE CAP: I had miscalculated the severity of his affliction, and the treatment only served to accelerate his turn.


5 DR. CROWE: Quick! Get behind me!

Panel 3.

The beast pounces on the servant and begins violently ripping her to bloody shreds.


Panel 4.

Dr. Crowe fires his crossbow and sends an arrow directly into its black heart. It roars out in pain.


7 DR. CROWE: Damn you, beast! Don’t make me do this!


Panel 5.

Dr. Crowe stands over the slain beast. His crossbow rests proudly on his shoulder.

8 CAP DR. CROWE: In the blink of an eye there was so much meaningless death.

9 CAP DR. CROWE (2): If only they had sent for me sooner.

10 CAP DR. CROWE (3): If only.

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  1. Gotta say, Mister Corey, it's fascinating stuff. Elegantly captures mood, gives a lot of room for an artist to really go all out, and deepens the mystery at the very end. All the best on your Kickstarter campaign!


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