Monday, October 19, 2015

Doctor Crowe - Truly Lost - R.A. Wonsowski

Set-up: a number of gruesome deaths befalling excavation and construction crews beneath the catacombs of Rome have been discovered to be at the hands of a 2000-year-dead Centurion soldier. He has fought off police and army, got past our hero, Doctor Crowe, and is about to reach the surface...


Panel 1- POV, from the top of the catacomb stairs. The CENTURION has nearly reached the top, his rictus grin of rotted teeth bared, sunken eyes gleaming in palpable victory.

CAPTION: One cannot stop a plague by attacking the symptoms...


Panel 2-  same POV as panel 1, except the CENTURION is at the top, but the manic confidence is gone, replaced by horrified shock.

CAPTION: ...but rather by wiping out the source of the disease...


Panel 3- from behind the CENTURION. Wide shot of St. Peter's basilica, the large crucifix of Jesus center.

CENTURION: ...nnNazareno...

Panel 4- the CENTURION is kneeling in front of the stairway.  DOCTOR CROWE comes up behind, readying to swing a giant Roman war hammer.

CROWE: Do you see, foul Roman? Your battle lost, your victory stolen. Not now...

Panel 5- same as panel 4, except CROWE has swung the hammer, demolishing the CENTURION's head.

CROWE: ...but two thousand years ago.

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