Monday, October 12, 2015

Meeting Points - Change - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot of a big city market, perhaps not unlike the image from this week's Why.

CAPTION (ELIZABETH) (1): It's the same old story.

CAPTION (ELIZABETH) (2): When there's lots to go around.

2 - Closer-in on one of the market stalls.  Two guards are hassling a lone vendor, who looks tired and scared.

CAPTION (ELIZABETH): Someone will always want more.

GUARD: You're not late again, are you?

3 - Pull back slightly.  An elderly woman (Elizabeth) at her own stall looks on at the scene unfolding.  She doesn't look happy.  She wears an outfit that's all black.  The man pulls out a small bag, presumably filled with coins, and nervously passes it to the guards.

CAPTION (ELIZABETH): I used to complain to Archie that someone should stand up to them.

VENDOR: No, no.  It's all here!

4 - The guards walk over to Elizabeth's stall.  They wear the easy going attitude of people who know they have all the power.  If on panel, Elizabeth is openly outraged.

CAPTION (ELIZABETH): Eventually, I convinced him to do just that.

GUARD: Afternoon, Mrs. Walder.

5 - Elizabeth is as mad as ever.  A similar bag of coins sits on her table / counter, although she doesn't openly gesture to it, instead focusing her rage at the guards.  They don't really care.

ELIZABETH: Just take it already.

6 - Elizabeth is alone at her stall, the guards have left (along with the coins).  She cries openly.

CAPTION (ELIZABETH): I still wish I hadn't.

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  1. Brrrr. What I like about this is it's got that cold feeling major cities give people.


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