Friday, October 16, 2015

Meeting Points – I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES – Derek Adnams

Page 1 – (5 Panels)

1.1:  Exterior, twilight on an alien world, a Father dressed in tattered vestments holding the tiny hand of his eight year old Daughter.  She wears a ragged dress and holds a brown blanket over one shoulder.

Daughter:  Where are we, father?

Father:  The Nexus of All Things.

1.2:  The Father and Daughter walking along the edges of a tent city shanty town, a refugee camp turned bazaar.  Vendors are selling all manner of other-worldly goods.  The Daughter is looking slightly behind her, staring at the wares being hawked by some less than savory characters.  The Father’s gaze remains set straight ahead.

Daughter:  Are we here to purchase something?

Father:  I guess you could say that.

1.3:  The Father and Daughter walking in front of a golden monument, bizarre cupola topping the obelisk base.  There are two helmeted sentries wearing green flowing robes stationed on each corner of the monument.

Father:  The world has moved away from what I knew.  There are too many out there, beyond, who would do us harm.

Father:  You deserve so much more than this, and there’s only one way I can ensure that your potential isn’t squashed.

Daughter:  How?

1.4:  Father kneeling before his Daughter, hands on her shoulders.

Father:  By leaving you here so that you may learn.

Daughter:  But I don’t want to leave you!  I don’t want to be alone! 

Daughter:  I love you, Daddy . . . why are you doing this?

1.5:  Large panel of the alien cityscape of the Nexus of All Things.  The Tent City is at ground level, expanding in all directions.  Towering above are the golden buildings, sky-scrapers and government capitals, all connected by a network of almost art deco bridges.  In the foreground, the sobbing Father gives his little girl one last hug.

Father:  Because I believe in miracles.

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