Sunday, October 11, 2015

Meeting Points - The Kindness of Strangers - Perry Kent

Panel One:
Exterior of a fantasy-inspired city. Our protagonist is a young street urchin named Lukas. He is wading through a crowd on his way to the booths of the city's street market.

Lukas (caption): A new month means new vendors. And that means new suckers from all over the kingdom.

Panel Two:
Lukas, with a pitiful expression on his face, accepting a bowl of soup from an old woman. There is a large cauldron of soup in her little market stall.

Lukas: May the gods of plenty grace you.

Lukas (caption): The villagers from the East always help with food.

Panel Three:
Lukas coughing into one hand while accepting a small bronze coin in the other. The man giving him the coin is a wizened fellow selling trinkets.

Lukas: Silba, the healer-

Lukas (SFX): cough

Lukas: -bless you.

Lukas (caption): In the West, they give small coins to ward off sickness.

Panel Four:
Lukas bowing his head with a pair of socks in his hand. The woman giving him the socks is selling clothing.

Lukas: Your kindness returned a thousand-fold.

Lukas (caption): Up North it's good luck to give a child clothing.

Panel Five:
Lukas, sitting on the railing of a small bridge, looking across a small waterway. He is chewing on an apple.

Lukas (caption): They come from all over with their little customs. Thank the gods they do.


  1. This is a super fun fantasy-esque page, Perry. Lukas is a delightful down on his luck street urchin, and your turn at the end that there's more than meets the eye does an excellent job of changing the meaning of all the previous interactions.

    Small thing, but I'd suggest dividing your final caption so "Thank the gods they do." has its own box to emphasize that sentence. Perhaps more of a stylistic choice on my part, but I think the extra space would lend it additional weight.

  2. This has just the right amount of fantasy Oliver Twist without veering too far into fantasy Horatio Alger protagonist territory for me. I'd love to read more about Lukas' daily survival.


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