Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Meeting Points/Bridges – Funtastic Four Versus A L’il Bit ‘O Doom – MK Stangeland Jr.

(In the style of Scottie Young’s L’il Marvel and Baby Marvel series.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: MARVEL BABY-style versions of the FANTASTIC FOUR – REED RICHARDS, SUSAN STORM, JOHNNY STORM, and BEN GRIMM – are outside a treehouse that very much resembles a DR. DOOM style castle. REED RICHARDS is fiddling with a scientific-looking contraption, the other three are off to the side a little. SUSAN STORM is carrying a couple of dolls that should resemble FRANKLIN and VALERIA RICHARDS.

JOHNNY (1): Yo, Stretch Armstrong!

JOHNNY (2): Are you sure it’s smart to be so close to the big scary doomhouse?

Panel 2: RICHARDS turns to look to the other three.

RICHARDS (1): Nonsense.

RICHARDS (2): Victor’s only grumpy all the time because he needs a friend.

RICHARDS (3): I’m going to go say hello and help make him less grumpy.

Panel 3: RICHARDS starts cranking his machine, which looks to be extending an artificial bridge of some kind up to DR DOOM’s treehouse of doom.

SUSAN: Are you sure about that, Reed?

GRIMM: Yeah, I think Doomboy’s just grumpy because he’s a big ugly meaniepants.

RICHARDS: Don’t be silly, you guys…

Panel 4: Wide view as a large number of retro-style kiddy toy ray guns attached to metal robotic arms have extended from DR DOOM’s treehouse and are pointed at RICHARDS and his bridge machine.


DOOM TREEHOUSE (2): Remove yourself from the presence of DOOM immediately!

DOOM TREEHOUSE (3): DOOM hereby commands it!

Panel 5: The members of the FANTASTIC FOUR silently shuffle away from DOOM’s treehouse, all of them looking directly at it as they do. RICHARDS pulls his bridge contraption behind him.

Panel 6: RICHARDS, SUSAN, JOHNNY, and GRIMM have moved far enough away that DOOM’s treehouse is now off panel. RICHARDS looks to the other three.

RICHARDS: Ok, so maybe it’s not that simple after all.

GRIMM: Gee, ya think?


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