Sunday, October 4, 2015

Perry Kent - Writer-in-Residence

Charlotte's wondrous wanderings with us have sadly come to their end, but happily we have another keen talent coming your way in the human existence that is Perry Kent.

Perry is yet another writer whom I met through Comics Experience, and I was such a fan of his scripts that I knew I wanted to have some of them grace our own pages.  Now, I can cheerfully say they will.

As Perry puts it:

Perry Kent is a writer who lives in the Pacific Northwest. He has been making up stories his whole life and has been putting pen to paper since the first time he fell in love with a book. After recently discovering that people actually want to read some of his stories, he has been earnestly clacking away at his keyboard. Still fresh to the cutthroat, swashbuckling world of serious storytelling, he hopes to be putting his work out into the world any day now. When he makes brief forays onto the internet he can be found on Twitter (@TheOtherPerry) stalking other writers and comic creators.

Please join me in welcoming him to our shores.

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