Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Orient Express - The Finer Things - Perry Kent

Panel One:
Europe, 1930s. Jacques carries the bags of some well-dressed older patrons onto a stately and high class train car. The train station around them is large and there are a few well-dress patrons milling around. Jacques is outfitted in a uniform.

Jacques (caption): I knew working on the Orient Express would be glamorous.

Old man: Scuff that luggage and I'll have your job.

Panel Two:
Jacques holding a small tray with a placid look on his face as a young well-dressed woman holding a martini glass berates him.

Jacques (caption): I got to rub elbows with the moneyed elite.

Well-dress woman: This tastes of swill. Make a better one!

Panel Three:Jacques holding a small bag for a well-dressed young man as the young man vomits violently into the bag.

Jacques (caption): But I was never made to feel lesser than them.

Vomiting man: Huuuuuurrrrph!

Panel Four:
Jacques staring into a bathroom/water closet. He has rags and a bucket in his hands and look of incredulous disgust.

Jacques (caption): And, yes, the job had its downsides.

Panel Five:
Jacques standing on the outside back railing of the last car of train, a cigarette in hand/mouth, looking out and admiring something unseen with a wide smile of contentment.

Jacques (caption): But I got to experience the most wonderful luxuries.

Panel Six:
Reveal the stunning beauty of the European countryside which is what Jacques was admiring in the previous panel.

Jacques (caption): Some that even the guests could not enjoy.

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  1. I love this page, Perry. You play the optimstic, can-do attitude for some solid laughs in the early going, but that turn in panel 5 and 6 is so sweet - all the more so because of those lighter moments at the start. Wonderful stuff.


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