Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Orient Express - Gang Aft Agley - P. A. Nolte

1/ An outdoor cafe in a well-populated European city.  The streets are idly busy with mid-afternoon pedestrians and traffic.  A slender man man with spectacles sits alone, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

2/ Having picked up and shuffled the paper to the desired page, the man is about to take a sip from his cup when a voice draws his attention.  He glances up with nary a hint of interest.

Pike (OP): I see that you have received my telegram.

3/ Taking a seat across from him is another man, slightly more rotund than his companion and brandishing a prominent mustache.

Pike: I must admit, I was wary of the endeavor at first, but it seems to have all worked out in the end, eh?  Little Jacques fulfilled his end of the bargain.  Now all that I ask is that you fulfill yours.

4/ Far overhead, a large train passes by on a suspended bridge.  From our view on the surface of the water below, we can just make out a glinting bag falling in a graceful arc.  Someone has just thrown a bag out the window of the train.

Victim (OP): STOP!  THIEF!

5/ The bespectacled man finally gets a sip of his coffee.

Geoffries: Very well.

6/ Beneath the water, maybe even a continued shot of the scene set in 4/, a third man with indiscernible features is clutching a bag with at least one strand of pearls about to fall from it.  He is wearing rudimentary scuba diving equipment.  What we would now definitively identify as antique.

Geoffries: For conspiracy, extortion, and attempted murder--

7/ Pike.  A look of abject terror on his face.  Behind him stand two appropriately-uniformed officers.

Geoffries (OP): Llewellyn Pike, you are under arrest.

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