Monday, October 5, 2015

The Orient Express - Somewhere New - Grant McLaughlin

1 – A big ol' train station, with a big ol' train not unlike the one in P.A.'s Why post taking up a good portion of our panel space. The main difference is that we're focused on the platform, where a line of people are boarding. Our protagonist, Penelope, stands out, a young woman dressed in darker colours than the rest of the travelers. If we can see it, she holds a ticket and a sad expression.

CAPTION (PENELOPE) (1): My mother said the city would change me.

CAPTION (PENELOPE) (2): I laughed at the idea.

2 – Penelope walks down the aisle, looking for her seat.

CAPTION (PENELOPE) (1): She was right, of course.

CAPTION (PENELOPE) (2): We're always changing.

COACHMAN (off-panel): Tickets! Tickets!

3 – Penelope hands her ticket to the coachman and sits down.

CAPTION (PENELOPE) (1): But sometimes a place will change you into something you don't expect.

CAPTION (PENELOPE) (2): Something you don't want to be.

COACHMAN: Any baggage, ma'am?

4 – Penelope looks away towards the window, her sad expression softening.

CAPTION (PENELOPE): Fortunately.

PENELOPE (1): ...


5 – Outside of the train as it pulls out of the station, looking at Penelope looking out the window. She wears a small smile.

CAPTION (PENELOPE): There's always somewhere new.

PENELOPE: Not anymore.

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