Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Orient Express – When the Trains Run on Time – MK Stangeland Jr.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: A Private Investigator – DETECTIVE DANIELS – is standing in a busy train station.

TEXT BOX (1): Detective Daniels has a riddle to solve.

TEXT BOX (2): His gut tells him that there is a connection between a new train system and a mysterious increase in deaths among the elderly.

TEXT BOX (3): Deaths that are officially recorded as being of natural causes.

Panel 2: A TRAIN CONDUCTOR beside the train – he looks to be mostly minding his own business but is glancing over his shoulder for just that moment. He should have a minor hint of an aura of death about him, shown in such a way as to make it unclear if it’s actually there or if DANIELS is just imagining it.

TEXT BOX (1): Detective Daniels believes the new conductors are somehow connected.

TEXT BOX (2): Conductors who are touted as having an uncanny ability to ‘make the trains run on time’.

Panel 3: DETECTIVE DANIELS is in his office. He is hard at work examining a stereotypical-style clue wall full of pictures and written clues about the mystery he’s investigating.

TEXT BOX (1): His greatest deductive reasoning failed to piece together any possible explanation.

TEXT BOX (2): Until he began to consider the supernatural.

Panel 4: DETECTIVE DANIELS looks towards a clock that’s posted up on the wall.

TEXT BOX: And realized that perhaps the trains really do run…on time.


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  1. A very efficient introduction to a classic EC Comics-esque tale of horror. I think some of your captions could be trimmed down slightly, but the overall thrust really sets things up in a quicky manner. Would be interested to see the rest of the tale.


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