Sunday, October 11, 2015

Why Meeting Points? - Perry Kent

I enjoy looking at SciFi and fantasy art. Perhaps it was the covers of old fantasy/scifi novels that I would grab from the library. Those little works of art may be forever embedded in my psyche. But now whenever I see fantasy and scifi art it sets my brain down a cascade of questions and wonder. The art captures my imagination. Fantastical art that pushes against the boundaries of understanding. And also art that takes us just a bit outside of the “known”. The plausible and the ludicrous. I find both equally inspiring. One day I stumbled upon this piece entitled “Bridges” by Andrée Wallin:

I'm sure this picture speaks to people in different ways. But it made me think of the meeting of different places and cultures. The bridges, designed to bring two places together. And a city market, which is a living mixture of different cultures brought together.

For this week, the topic is about the meeting (and possibly clashing) of different places or cultures. How is a meeting place different? Or how do people act in these places? What happens when different cultures meet and mingle? What happens when they don't get along? It's all fair game.

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  1. I'm a little late on this one, because, well, mid-terms. I don't think I quite landed the prompt of different places and cultures interacting, but the potential for that happening in this place is high--it's just not a part of this specific page.

    “Time Central”


    1.1: A wide shot of a GRAND CENTRAL STATION, but instead of the info kiosk in the center of the space there is the George Pal-designed Time Machine from his film adaptation of Well’s classic story.
    Also, there are no trains coming into the station archways. Instead of hallways onto train platforms there art PORTALS in the archways that are colored in different shades of space-time colors. Depending on the kind of machine you’re running it can let off a different color of Tachyon energy since there’s a wide array of different speeds with which to travel through time. So, yes, this is Grand Central Station but for time machines. Let’s call it…the MUSEUM.
    I think, since this is a train station for time machines, announcements should be unattached in a radio-crackling voice. Like the loudspeaker announcer put his finger in a socket and is electrified.

    ANNOUNCER: ATTENTION! Inbound TM Model Ford SE to Earth; Gettysburg, VA, 1863 in FIVE MINUTES!


    1.2: Dropping down to floor level so we’re focused on an archway filled with BLUE AND WHITE LIGHT. These colors can be intermingled together like ripples on a pond, but the pond is horizontal.
    There are FOUR FEET stepping through the portal of varying sizes: one kid in a pair of Nike hightops, a bigger foot in barely laced-up boots, another in a pair of Birkenstocks with toenails painted whatever color you like, and the smallest feet of all in Dorothy-from-the-Wizard-of-Oz-red slippers.
    Walking through the portal are the Prestons—a family of four.


    1.3: They stand at the edge of the portal. The kids stare up at in bewilderment at the station they just walked into.
    ZACH PRESTON is tall with floppy brown hair and glasses, barely tied boots and jeans.
    His wife MCKENZIE is short with red hair and is wearing a pair of blue jeans and red Chuck Taylors.
    Their kids: TARA and ZACH JUNIOR look around with such wonder in their eyes. Zach is seven with blond hair and Tara is five with brown hair. Tara Preston looks pissed: she has her arms crossed.

    ZACH JR: Wow cool.

    ZACH SR: I know, right?

    TARA: It PELLS like Clorox in here.

    1.4: McKenzie kneels down at her daughter.

    MCKENZIE: T, we’re in the MUSEUM. It’s your BIRTHDAY. Where do you want to go?

    1.5: Looking down at Tara who is wearing the shy face of a five year-old.

    TARA: I wanna see Queen Elizabeth take down some Frenchmen.

    1.6: Panning away to see the family. Zach Senior pats Tara on the forehead. McKenzie kisses her on the check, and Zach Junior stares off into the distance.

    ZACK SR: That’s my girl.

    ZACK JR: But what about Devil Dinosaur?!


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