Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dark Knight Returns – The Darkest Night – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: Night, just outside of GOTHAM CITY, at the entrance to a cave.

Panel 2: Continuation from PANEL 1.

SFX: (From inside cave) arg…

Panel 3: Continuation from PANEL 2 – we see BATMAN emerging from the cave. He looks worse for the wear, but still standing and ready for action; he bears a look of defiant determination against whoever or whatever might try to tell him its time to pack it up and go home, even against the world itself.

BATMAN: grrrr….

Panel 4: BATMAN stands at the entrance to the cave, looking into the night sky.

TEXT BOX (1): Striking terror.

TEXT BOX (2): Still best part of the job.

Panel 5: Panel switches to behind BATMAN to show what he’s looking at – the background that BATMAN is facing should be the skyline of GOTHAM CITY.

It’s not the skyline of GOTHAM itself that BATMAN is looking at, but rather the sky above it – the sky is lit up from countless lights being shined into the sky, resulting in either a large number of lights each forming their own little homemade version of the BATSIGNAL or a large number of smaller lights which have been coordinated to form an impromptu version of the BATSIGNAL. Which version is up to the artist depending on which actually plays out better artistically on the page itself.

TEXT BOX: But an argument could be made otherwise.


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  1. I like the light-hearted nature and the warm sentiment of Gotham's need / appreciation for Batman, but I just don't know that it fits with the Dark Knight Returns vibe. Frank Miller has rarely struck me as one for endearing moments.


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