Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jay Garrick – Record Keeping – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: JAY GARRICK is punching PER DEGATON in the face.

TEXT BOX (1): .2 Seconds

TEXT BOX (2): It hits with the force of a love tap, the velocity alone practically makes it a knockout punch.

Panel 2: Speed lines follow JAY GARRICK as he transitions to standing slightly behind and to the side of PER DEGATON, but with his arm out positioned behind PER DEGATON’s head. The result is that everything behind PER DEGATON’s head has swung up as result of being clotheslined from behind.

TEXT BOX (1): .5 Seconds

TEXT BOX (2): The force of the first punch is enough to do the heavy lifting on it’s own.

Panel 3: PER DEGATON is in the air, horizontal. He’s yet to realize what’s hitting him. JAY GARRICK stands next to him, his elbows hitting down from above, but with a lot of speed and not very much actual force.

TEXT BOX (1): 1 Second

TEXT BOX (2): Hitting the floor is arguably the nicest way of knocking him out – the force is distributed more even that way.

Panel 4: PER DEGATON hits the ground at high speed, cracking the ground a little as JAY GARRICK stands over him.

TEXT BOX (1): 1.5 Seconds

TEXT BOX (2): Attempts to recall what happened will likely feel like amnesia.

TEXT BOX (3): Not because of brain damage, but because it happened too fast for his brain to process.

Panel 5: Flashback – PANELS 1-4 are compiled together to show the full 1.5 second as they happen together in one image.


Panel 6: JAY GARRICK stands over an unconscious PER DEGATON.

TEXT BOX: And that knockout didn’t even happen at top speed.


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