Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jay Garrick - Turn the Page, Part 2 - Ray Wonsowski

Previously, CLEA is brought to the antique shop of AUGUST TURN, who shows her an armoire that is actually a gateway to the Dark Dimension.


Panel 1- Background, Interior of the shop, antiques everywhere, most prominent is the open armoire, abstract energy beginning to emanate forth. Foreground, AUGUST stands behind CLEA, the Eye of Agamotto having floated upon her forehead, glowing mystically.

CLEA: How long have you been collecting for your shop?
AUGUST: Year, year and a half. Why do you ask?

Panel 2- POV, as CLEA, looking out at the store. Numerous items gleam white with power.

CAPTION, CLEA: It seems you have a gift for the esoteric. For example...

Panel 3- CLEA stands at a china hutch, holding the winged helmet of Jay Garrick gingerly, regarding it respectfully as AUGUST looks on timidly.

CLEA: ...this helm was touched by one of your Greco-Roman gods. It actually hails from another Earth, and blessed its agent with superhuman speed during that world's second World War.

Panel 4- CLEA hands the winged helmet back to AUGUST reverently, but something else, a dagger on a writing desk, has caught her attention.

CLEA: This runner was so fleet, he broke the barriers between worlds, and started a legacy of speedsters that will pass through generations and across the multiverse.

Panel 5- CLEA holds the dagger up to her face. It is silver, and simple, but sharp and gleams in the Eye on her forehead. AUGUST looks over her shoulder again, a bit more nervously.

AUGUST: What happened to him?
CLEA: What eventually happens to all runners. And heroes.
CLEA: He fell.

To be continued...

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