Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jessica Jones - Payback - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot of a Chinese takeout restaurant somewhere in New York.  Night time.

JESSICA (from within): ...That just brings us to the matter of the bill.


2 - Interior of the restaurant.  Jessica stands near the entrance looking frustrated, on the verge of exasperation.  Across from her stand an older Chinese woman (the restaurant owner) and a younger, teenaged son.  The woman stands with her arm around the son, holding him as if she hasn't seen him for weeks.  The two look apologetic, if happy to be reunited.

JESSICA: Oh, come on!  You said you were good for it!

RESTAURANT OWNER: I am sorry!  To make it up, we will give you free meals until our debt has been repaid.

3 - Jessica stares at them, unimpressed.


4 - The two look back, hopefully.

RESTAURANT OWNER: Delivered to your door!

TEENAGED SON: The lemon chicken is kind of awesome.

5 - Back on Jessica, who exhales and rolls her eyes upwards, giving up.


6 - Back at Jessica's office, she sits at her desk, takeout Chinese spread out on the desktop (same logo as in panel 1, natch).  Jessica eats some of it, pleased with its taste.


7 - Shot of Jessica's Alias Investigations door (from the outside in the hallway).

JESSICA (from within): Okay, this is actually pretty good.

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