Monday, November 23, 2015

The Dark Knight Returns - Freedom of the Press - Grant McLaughlin

This takes places during the course of The Dark Knight Returns.  Pinpointing the exact moment isn't terribly important.  We are, however, working firmly in Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's 4 by 4 grid.

1 - Night.  Close-up of Superman's red boot touching down on the balcony outside Lana Lang's place of residence (obviously you can't get that latter part across in one panel; I'm just giving context).

CAPTION (LANA): I hear him touch down outside.

2 - Still outside, Superman opens the balcony door and enters the dimly lit condo.  The scene is pretty much entirely in dark silhouette, the only colour being the bright red and yellow of Superman's logo on his cape.

CAPTION (LANA): He's never been nearly as subtle as he thinks he is.

3 - Superman approaches Lana from behind.  Lana sits at her desk, facing away from Supes and working away at some writing.  A television sits in front of her, providing much of the light in the room.  Framed news stories adorn the walls around her.

LANA: Funny, I didn't think it was your M.O. to sneak up on people under cover of darkness.

4 - Close up on Superman, surprised and a little hurt by the comment.


5 - On the TV, the host that Lana keeps speaking with on the panel show throughout the graphic novel.  Whatever they're saying isn't clear, but a Batman symbol with a question mark through it sits behind their talking head.

SUPERMAN (off-panel): Are you going to keep defending him?

6 - Close-up of one of the framed newspapers.  It's a byline that reads "Batman: Gotham's Knight", with a "Written by Clark Kent" visible beneath.

LANA (off-panel): There was a time I wasn't the one who had to.

7-  On Lana, writing away at her work, still not looking up at Superman.  Superman is behind her, looking at one of the newspapers (presumably the one on panel 6).

SUPERMAN: He's too bright.

LANA: Funny coming from you.

SUPERMAN: You know what I mean.

8 - On Superman as he turns to speak directly to Lana.

SUPERMAN (1): His methods were always too loud, too brash.

SUPERMAN (2): It worked 20 years ago, but the world's changed.

9 - On Lana, still writing away.

LANA: I don't know what you and Lois tell yourselves.

10 - Close-up of another framed newspaper, this one titled "Where has Superman gone?" with "Written by Lana Lang" beneath.

LANA (off-panel): But maybe it isn't the world that's changed.

11 - Close-up of Lana's writings.  There's all manner of words scrawled on the paper she's working on, but the portion that should be emphasized / visible is "the world needs heroes", which should be located between the two word balloons.

LANA (1): Things have always been dark.  It used to be that you were the shining beacon in the night.

LANA (2): I don't know you can blame Batman that you stopped.

12 - Superman has moved ever closer to Lana, who still doesn't look up from her work.

SUPERMAN: His methods are all about creating fear.

13 - Lana turns to face Superman, finally losing her cool as she metaphorically (and perhaps literally) points at Superman accusingly.

LANA: And as far as I'm aware, he's never turned them on you.

14 - Close up on Superman, shocked at what he's hearing.

LANA (off-panel): So what are you so afraid of?

15 - Superman blanches, not responding.

CAPTION (LANA): He's never been subtle.

16 - Superman is gone, leaving with such speed as to blow about the many papers on Lana's desk and in her home.

CAPTION (LANA): But then, neither have I.

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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one skirting around actually writing Batman in the Dark Knight universe. Lana Lang really would know how to get under Clark's skin.


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