Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Dark Knight Returns - Turn the Page, Part 3 - Ray Wonsowski

Previously, young antique dealer AUGUST TURN stumbled upon an armoire that in actuality is a portal to the Dark Dimension. Doctor CLEA Strange  discovers that TURN has an eye for magicked items, and arms her new  charge as they prepare for the crossing...

Panel 1 - Interior, the antique shop. CLEA gives AUGUST the silver dagger.

CLEA: Be ready, August. The Dark Dimension is...
Off-panel: What is this?!?

Panel 2- stepping out of the armoire is a confused but angry Miller-esque DARK KNIGHT. He is huge and aggressive, ready to tear through the store.

DARK KNIGHT: Where am I?!? Do you know who I am?!?

Panel 3- CLEA wiggles her fingers, and the DARK KNIGHT warps painfully out of our reality. AUGUST hides behind CLEA in fear, as this is the first salvo of what may be a long fight.

DARK KNIGHT: I'm the goddamn BatmaAARRRGH!!!
SoundFX: FrrT!

Panel 4- CLEA walks through the distortion into the armoire, AUGUST follows close behind.

CLEA: My uncle has much to answer for...
AUGUST: Your uncle's Frank Miller? be continued...

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  1. I'll admit that it's a shade more All-Star Batman & Robin than Dark Knight Returns, but I enjoy this playful and meta-textual script nonetheless. Glad to see this tale lives on through our unplanned hiatus.


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