Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why Jay Garrick?

It’s the helmet. Duh. No, not that cyclist’s helmet from the Earth 2 comics, though I do like that characterization of Garrick. He's the Spider-Man of Earth 2. He gets along with everyone, is a smart guy, but kind of a screw-up, and can move between the players. Really, what’s always intrigued me about this version of The Flash is he was the first, and how can fit in anywhere. 

What would the Flash have been like in World War 2? He can be like Captain America, or he can be the new kid I mentioned in Daniel Wilson’s take, which is pretty fascinating coming from a guy who wrote a hard sci-fi novel called Robogenesis. The other thing he can be, since he’s now a regular on the Flash TV show, is he can be a mentor too.

Personally, I’ve always obsessed over the Jay Garrick Flash. It might be his retro-style and my borderline-nauseating hipster sensibilities, but I’ve been a fan of this character since I could barely walk. I’m excited to see what everyone does with him.

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