Friday, December 25, 2015

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN—“Frosty, the Elemental Man”—David Press

This idea initially started out as a single page but ballooned to three pages. This is a bit of a consolidation of the last half of page two and page three. In this case, we have Frosty as a kind of Swamp Thing-like being that can literally be anywhere there is snow. Happy holidays to you all! Thanks for letting me be a part of this group.


1.1: A full-fledged FROSTY sits in front of a single story office building. Three mounds, rocks for buttons, a carrot nose, etc. The building he's sitting in front of has a SNOW FLAKE logo etched in the window just behind Frosty.

The LETTERING under the logo displays FROST INSURANCE.

TWO KIDS are playing with him. Say one boy and one girl, decked out in full winter clothes. The BOY (who is the taller of the two by a full head) puts a Santa Cap on Frosty’s head; the GIRL wraps a scarf around his nonexistent neck.

            1. FROSTY’S NARRATION [Caption]: When people treat me as their totem, it means regeneration.

1.2: A rainstorm hits the same-sized panel and it starts washing away the snow. Just so we’re clear, I’m going to say Frosty’s narrative captions are now going to be labeled “Frosty”.

            2. FROSTY: Things happen—seasons change and so do we all.
            3. FROSTY: Eventually we all wither--

1.3: Frosty starts melting into the snow-patched grass.

            4. FROSTY: --and go to ground.

1.4: He’s down to just two mounds—his torso and his head.

            5. FROSTY: That’s okay, though. That’s the cycle of our planet.

1.5: He’s just a head now.

            6. FROSTY: We’re all going to end up in the dirt, but that’s what makes grass grow and trees bud, and feeds vegetables for—

1.6: Frosty is now a puddle seeping into soaked grass. The only thing left of him is the soaked Santa cap.  

            7. FROSTY: --animals and you all to eat from.
            8. FROSTY: That’s why I’m an elemental man.


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  1. Interesting script choices, and wholly unexpected. A very different take on the circle of life. Merry Christmas, David...


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