Sunday, December 6, 2015

Itty Bitty Comics – Itty Bitty (Atomic) Robo: Let’s Do Some Science! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(DR. DINOSAUR made a ‘Science gun’ to pester ATOMIC ROBO with. Then ATOMIC ROBO broke the gun with violence.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: ATOMIC ROBO, VIK, BERNARD, and FOLEY stand next to a swirling vortex of energy floating just off the ground made up of science-y colors – a ‘vortex of science’.

ATOMIC ROBO: What is it?

VIK: I think it’s some kind of science vortex.

Panel 2: ROBO looks to VIK. BERNARD continues to look at the ‘vortex of science’ as FOLEY picks a decent-sized rock off the ground.

ROBO: Don’t be silly. Science isn’t a physical thing.

Panel 3: FOLEY throws the rock into the ‘vortex of science’.

Panel 4: The rock vanishes into ‘vortex of science’.


Panel 5: ROBO looks a mix of confusion and concern.

ROBO: What just happened?

BERNARD: I think science happened.

Panel 6: ROBO has his arms up with frustration.

ROBO: That is not science! Science doesn't just ‘happen’!

FOLEY: It kind of did.



  1. Love this. Adorable little page with an excellent mix of Itty Bitty and Atomic Robo. I particularly enjoyed the "science happening" bit - really fits in with Art and Franco's style.

  2. Oh, man. This is such a wonderful send up of Atomic Robo. I love how you handle the science of "science" especially. Great, great fun, MK.


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