Monday, December 7, 2015

Itty Bitty Comics - The Itty Bitty Hard Goodbye - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot of Kadie's.  Suffice it to say that everything is a lot better lit, more family friendly, and the like in its Itty Bitty Comics iteration.

MARV (from within): Goldie...

2 - Itty Bitty Marv sits at the bar, holding an apple juice.  He looks sad.

MARV: Her name was Goldie.

3 - Marv knocks back the apple juice, finishing it in the single swig.

MARV: I don't know who you were.

4 - Marv holds up a hand to motion for another drink.  Itty Bitty Nancy and Shellie look at each other, concerned (and wearing a lot more clothing than you'd ever see in actual Sin City).

MARV: Besides an angel of course.

SHELLIE: Is Marv okay?  He's narrating again.

5 - Nancy brings another apple juice to Marv.  Nancy looks back towards Shellie.

MARV: But you were a friend and more when I needed one

NANCY: He has bad luck with pets...

6 - From the other side of the bar, we see a fish bowl (which had been previously hidden by the bar) sitting on the stool next to Marv.  A goldfish floats at the top, belly up.  Marv looks down, saddened.

NANCY (off-panel): ...And I think it's starting to get to him.

MARV: I love you, Goldie.


  1. This was absolutely great, absolutely cute and adorable.

    It was good when I saw the references to this vs what you'd expect in a normal Sin City comic, but then it got great when the characters addressed the narration, and by the end I gave at least one audible laugh.

    Not the kind of page I would have expected, but I'm very glad it showed up, and I could certainly see wanting to read more of it if this were the kind of page I found on a comic shelf.


  2. Thanks, MK! Going into writing, I had no real idea what I would do, but once I clicked into the idea of Sin City, it all came together pretty quick!

  3. *slow clap, standing*

    Perfect. Absolutely masterful. Well played, sir.


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