Saturday, December 12, 2015

Itty Bitty Comics - Itty Bitty Youngblood - P. A. Nolte

1/ Youngblood!  Shaft, Chapel, Badrock, Vogue, and Troll.  These are the most extreme members of the most extreme team of most extreme mercenaries ever to be assembled.  They burst through a doorway (?) into their headquarters (?) with guns and bows and fists a'blazing.  It's actually kind of hard to tell what's going on or where they are exactly, but they look so cool jumping through the air and stuff.  Totally awesome.

Badrock: Yabba Dabba--



2/ Shaft looks down confused at his bow and arrows.

Shaft: Foomph?!  What's wrong with these arrows?  It's like they're made out of foam!

3/ Vogue tries to strike a seductive pose, but comes off looking merely cute.  Even cute might be overstating the sexualization.

Vogue: My-- My back doesn't hurt!  What's going on?

4/ Ignoring her, Chapel is looking directly down the barrel of one of his guns.  Don't worry!  They aren't loaded.

Chapel: At least you can still shoot something, Shaft.  My guns light up at the end with LEDs!  Can't even shoot sucker darts or something?  Dang.

5/ Troll is nonplussed, more or less used to being an oddly-shaped bruiser, but Badrock has his three-fingered hands up in front of his face, inspecting them with a confused grimace.

Troll: I don't feel any different.

Badrock: Didn't I used to have four fingers?

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