Friday, December 11, 2015


I'm thinking wide-shot panels would be good for this page.

1.1: We’re going to open on an EIGHT-YEAR OLD BOY in his bed, covers over his head, eyes closed tight. Behind him is a window that looks out to a starry night sky.

            NO DIALOGUE.

1.2: Similar shot, but this time the window is replaced by the dream the boy is having. You could do this with a thought balloon, but the detail that’s necessary is that this dream is stressful for the boy.

The image over the window could be something absolutely horrific and terrifying for the kid—I have no idea what. What terrifies a little kid? I don’t have kids so maybe garden snakes? How about Brussels Sprouts, or some other veggies? I dislike mushrooms and heights, so maybe the kid is bungy jumping? That would terrify me. Regardless, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

            1. BOY: AHHHH!

1.3: MORPHEUS—what Neil Gaiman’s Morpheus would look like at six years old and if Charles Schultz drew him—materializes near the window. Remnants of the Little Boy’s dream floats over Morpheus’s head. Sandman pats the child's head.

            2. DREAM: Shhh. Shhhh.

1.4: Morpheus holds a MASON JAR over his head and is sweeping the boy’s nightmare into it.

            NO DIALOGUE.

1.5: The BOY leans up out of bed, looking up at Morpheus, who has his hand on the boy’s chest.

            3. MORPHEUS: Don’t forget: bad things can be contained.

            4. BOY: Thanks, Dream.



  1. There is some lovely sentiment to this page, David! I like the playful panel descriptions you have here - especially panel 2.

    Small note: on panel 1, you mention that the boy is under his sheet with his eyes shut and explain that the window can be seen. There's definitely a way that that could be rendered, but the current paneld description makes it a bit less clear than it needs to be. Some food for thought.


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