Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jessica Jones - Served - P. A. Nolte

1/ Jessica Jones as seen through a peephole.  She's in a sketchier suburb of New Jersey.  Hood's up, sunglasses are on.

Caption: What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

2/ A meek girl answers the door.  Her face is mottled with fresh bruises on top of the ones that have started to heal.  This is Ursula.

Ursula: Can-- Can I help you?

Jessica: Maybe. I'm looking for--

3/ The door opens wider to reveal Tony.  He's a big, dumb brute.

Jessica: Anthony Danes.

Tony: What is this?  Who are you?  Some kind of lawyer trying to garnish my paycheck?  You know, this country would be a lot better off without scum-sucking pieces of--

4/ Tony lands awkwardly on the pavement in the middle of the street.  Jessica, still on the front stoop, has just tossed him some 50 feet without much effort.


Tony: Nnggh--

5/ Jessica hands over the papers to the girl, but is leaning back and talking loud enough over her shoulder so that Tony, Ursula, and all of their neighbors can hear.  Just to make sure.

Jessica: Anthony Danes, you are being served by refusal.  I'm leaving this stack of crap in relation to you not paying child care with, ... whoever this poor girl is, and everyone in the neighborhood as witness.  Probably should have just tried being polite, huh?

Ursula: Child care?  Tony has kids?

6/ Jessica walks away.

Ursula: Thank you.  I'm sorry about--

Jessica: It's not your fault.


  1. A nice little vignette that could fit just as easily in the comic as in the show. Some solid Jessica sass in there, along with her short patience for wasting time. The one thing that niggles at me are Ursula's "Child care? Tony had kids?" and "Thank you. I'm sorry about--" lines. On their own, either line could serve just fine, but together their different tones don't seem to mesh in my opinion.

  2. Hmm. You might right. I guess I was trying to insinuate that maybe this is Ursula's way out of an abusive relationship? Jessica's last line is a response to the opening caption, and a subversion of an already subversive joke. That's probably too much information to cram into so few words.


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