Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jessica Jones - Turn the Page, Part 4 - Ray Wonsowski

Previously, CLEA was investigating an armoire that doubled as a portal to the Dark Dimension, in the possession of antique shop owner AUGUST TURN. But the portal has started fighting back...


Panel 1- JESSICA JONES walking down Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village, past the vintage shops, window shopping and enjoying the sunshine. She's in t-shirt and jeans, shades in her hand as she squints at the sun.

CAPTION (Jessica): For once I've got the day to myself. Luke is taking Dani to Westchester...

Panel 2- exterior, August's family antique shop, the sign in the window reads "Turn's of the Century - Family Antiques". JESSICA has her hand on the door as she puts her shades in her purse.

CAPTION (Jessica): Kinda weird when the Beast is your pediatrician. Frankly, I'm just looking forward to a day without weirdness...

Panel 3- JESSICA enters the shop, surprise on her face as she witnesses CLEA, hands gesticulating in a very Dr Strange manner and glowing with magicks, and AUGUST, dagger in hand, fending off tumorous tentacles reaching out from the armoire portal and wrapping around their waists.

CAPTION (Jessica): ...
CLEA: By the Hoary Hosts!!

Panel 4- POV facing the storefront exterior. JESSICA tries to run out the shop door, a tentacle reaching for her.

CAPTION (Jessica): Have I mentioned how much I hate this $#!t...

Panel 5- same POV, the tentacle grabbing JESSICA around the torso, yanking her off her feet.


Panel 6 - same POV, the shop door slamming shut on the unsuspecting city.

NO COPY be continued...

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  1. Some of the early captions are a little wordier than they perhaps need to be to ensure the stage is set with Jessica's arrival into the ongoing narrative, but panels 4 through 6 are pretty big winners. I'm particularly fond of that final image of apparent normality, hiding the madness going on within.


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