Friday, December 18, 2015

Public Domain Characters--Sherlock Holmes--David Press.


1.1: Opening on 221B Baker Street’s door. There’s something hitting the door from the inside, so perhaps show some impact lines pushing the white door outward.  

SFX: Thunk.

1.2: The door comes completely loose and a long coated, curly haired SHERLOCK HOLMES from the modern era, (think Cumberbatch), flies out onto the sidewalk. In the doorway we can see a DARK HAIRED face, left fist raised. It's MORIARTY in each of these sequences. 

CAPTION [Time/Location]: Earth 212. London, England, 2015.

1.3: Similar shot this time, but now there is a tall and skinny SHERLOCK in mid-air falling off the stoop of a Brooklyn brownstone. This one could be the Elementary Sherlock played by Johnnie Lee Miller. In this case, Moriarty is a woman--blonde-haired and steel eyed. Moriarty has her leg raised in a front snap kick pushing Sherlock out the door.  

CAPTION [Time/Location]: Earth 518. Brooklyn, NY, 2015.

1.4: Now we’re in a field where an older man walks towards the reader wearing a bathrobe and a bowler hat and a cane. This is OLD MAN SHERLOCK, and I’m using him mostly because I just saw the delightful Mr. Holmes starring Ian McKellan.

CAPTION [Time/Location]: Earth 72. Lake District, England, 1909.

1.5: The two Sherlocks—call them CUMBERLOCK and ELSHERL—roll down the hill towards OLD MAN SHERLOCK.

OLD MAN: Well, what do we have here?

1.6: Cumberlock and ElSherl, totally puzzled, stand on opposite sides framing Old Man Sherlock.

CUMBERLOCK: It was Moriarty!

OLD MAN SHERLOCK: Perhaps this is some cheap cash in? 

ELSHERL: Or Crisis of Infinite Sherlocks!


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  1. A really neat idea and some fun picks for your Sherlocks. Reading through, I would have liked to see Old Man Sherlock be physically closer to the other two (i.e. also near Baker Street) or to have a more explicit moment where the three end up transported to the same place, because the transition to their coming together is a little abrupt. I'm also curious as to the tone you'd be striving for here, as I assumed more serious but that final panel has some real tongue in cheek dialogue.


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