Thursday, December 17, 2015

Public Domain - Lady Satan and the Ace of Spades (Turn the Page, interlude) - Ray Wonsowski

In case you haven't joined us before, here are the previous chapters of Turn the Page:


Panel 1- a lady's slender fingers, her nails shellacked blood red, lightly brush the surface of a crystal ball. A green glow from the serpent ring on her middle finger seems to cause eddies in the grey mists inside the glass.

LADY SATAN (off-panel): The Ring of Dragon Scale unveils the shadow-world. The Sorceress Supreme eclipsed...

Panel 2- same as above, except the image in the ball is cleared: CLEA, consumed head to toe in the Flames of the Faltine, tearing the Cloak of Levitation in two.

LADY SATAN (off-panel): ...undone by her Faltine blood and passions strange long cooled...

Panel 3- same as above, but the image has changed to the confused goofy expression of AUGUST TURN, his head encircled by surreal shapelets.

LADY SATAN (off-panel): Turn to a new apprentice, she has chosen poorly...

Panel 4- same as above, the image has coalesced to a towering DORMAMMU.

LADY SATAN (off-panel): ...leaving her unprepared for her demonic uncle lying in wait...

Panel 5- from her chair behind a simple table, her fingers still stroking the now fogged crystal ball, rises the LADY SATAN (imagine Betty Page in a sleeveless blood red evening gown, a pale green silk blindfold over her eyes). The wallhanging behind her is a blow-up of the Tarot card, the Hierophant.

LADY SATAN: What she sees as unfinished family business, may actually be a dimensional incursion the likes of which she may be woefully unprepared for.

Panel 6- reclining in a throne-like chair, long legs draped over one armrest, sits the ACE OF SPADES. (She is slender, lanky, dressed like a female Stevie Ray Vaughn, black leather boots and pants, black silk shirt knotted at the navel, her domino mask visible under her wide-brimmed western-style hat, reddish brown hair knotted in a ponytail.) She is pushing her hat brim off her brow with a shiny steel long-barrelled Colt Revolver, a thin-lipped smile at us. - Behind her is another wallhanging, the Wheel of Fortune.

ACE OF SPADES: She's been beyond her reach since Stephen Strange disappeared. She may need a little back-up.

Panel 7- LADY SATAN and ACE OF SPADES face each other from opposite sides of the swirling crystal ball. LADY SATAN still stroking the glass, her ring still glowing, the ACE holsters her pistol. On the wall hangs a third Tarot blow-up, the Lovers.

LADY SATAN: You yourself may not be enough to turn the tide. A gifted gunslinger you may be, but to win, it may take the aid...

Panel 8- close-up of the crystal ball, the image of the profile of WILLIAM GRAVEL, head haloed by a ring of bones, now clear.

LADY SATAN (off-panel): ...of a combat magician. be continued...

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  1. Whoas. Lots going on here, but it's clear, as always, that you've put a lot of thought into the page and story. Some interesting character choices and I look forward to where it leads next.


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