Monday, December 14, 2015

Public Domain - The Secret Origin of Blaze Baylor - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot of the cemetery for Coal City Cemetery.  There is a sign reading as much, an eternal flame sitting beneath it, and if you can fit it, as sign that reads "We Will Remember".  It is raining.


CAPTION (BLAZE BAYLOR) (2): Man has tried to control it since the moment he stole it from the gods.

2 - We move to a funeral happening in the rain.  The headstone has the shape of a firefighter helmet carved into its top.  A priest leads a group of perhaps two dozen, all standing with umbrellas raised against the elements.  If you can fit it, a young man (Blaze) stands apart from the group, arms crossed and without protection from the rain.

CAPTION (BLAZE BAYLOR) (1): And whenever control has proven impossible, he has resorted to fighting.

CAPTION (BLAZE BAYLOR) (2): Too often at his own peril.

3 - The crowd is dispersing.  A woman lights a candle at the foot of the headstone.  Blaze continues to brood off to the side.


4 - Blaze kneels at the grave, the woman walking off in the background.

CAPTION (BLAZE BAYLOR): Father, I solemnly swear that you will be fire's final victim.

5 - Focus on the headstone, which reads:
James "Smokey" Baylor
We must burn brightest when the night is at its darkest

CAPTION (BLAZE BAYLOR): Under my watch, the fate of every single flame - from the greatest inferno to the smallest spark - will be the same;

6 - On the burning candle.  Perhaps with a shadow looming above it.


7 -  The candle has been snuffed out.  Blaze's fingers can still be on-panel to show he did it.

CAPTION (BLAZE BAYLOR): It will be extinguished.

I discovered Blaze Baylor years ago by some complete accident and the idea of someone declaring revenge against fire has always struck me as an absurd mix of hilarious tragedy.  One day I hope to carve out the time to really find out where such a Sisyphean task could take Blaze, but for now here is what I imagine his initial thought process would be.

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  1. I'd actually enjoy reading something like this. My father volunteered for a firehouse, and they are truly unsung heroes that throw themselves into insanely dangerous situations. Blaze seems to kick it up a notch to be sure. Great origin script, Grant.


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