Sunday, December 13, 2015

Public Domain - The Phantom Sphinx - P. A. Nolte

1/ Red Norton has revealed himself as a traitor.  He is holding a loose page of translated text.  Dr. Salle lies bleeding on the floor of the tomb.  Nancy Taylor has a magnetic tape recorder. The mummified remains of Amron, a medjay chief and revered officer in his day, are exposed to the elements thanks to whoever pried off the front of his sarcophagus.  His eyes are beginning to glow.

Norton: --reveal your true form to me!

2/ Amron steps forward.  The bandages are starting to fall away and reveal partially restored muscle and bone.

Norton: Ha ha!  It works!  Dr. Salle, you crazy old loon!  It works!

Nancy: Norton, you monster!

3/ Norton is grinning ear to ear.  He's just seen the metaphysical regeneration of an age-old corpse, and there's profit to be had.

Norton: A monster, am I?

Norton: Okay, Amron!  First order!  Kill Nancy Taylor, ...

4/ Amron's eyes glow fiercer.

5/ Amron stretches out his hand, but pointing towards Norton, who collapses into a pile of scarabs and dust, some of which unfortunately hit(s) the lovely Ms. Taylor as she lunges for the gun Norton used to shoot Salle.  Amron is fully human at this point, but still dressed in the ragged remains of his former garments and tarnished headdress.

Norton: Aauurrgghh!!!

Nancy: Eep!

6/ Nancy holds up the revolver.  The fear in her eyes is visceral.  How is she to know that the revived Amron means her no harm?

Nancy: Stay back!  I'm warning you!

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  1. You build some excellent mood and atmosphere in your panel descriptions and dialogue, Phil. I would love to read more and to know where this story is going.


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