Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Warren Ellis – From the Mind of Warren Ellis – MK Stangeland Jr.

(I may have taken Ray’s original phrasing for the week a touch too literally, but oh well.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: WARREN ELLIS is sitting in a high-tech looking chair, reaching up to something that’s off-panel. The room should have an unnerving edge to it.

Panel 2: WARREN ELLIS has put on a high-tech helmet that’s attached to the ceiling by high-tech wires, the whole thing should have a comic-book like atmosphere to it. This includes a pair of rods that look like they’ve phased through his head into his brain by some kind of BS Scientific means the likes of which probably shouldn’t actually work.

Panel 3: WARREN ELLIS sits in the chair. His face is a mix of one-part hard at work concentrating, one part relaxing and letting whatever process is occurring just happen.

Panel 4: We see past WARREN ELLIS and his chair to a high-tech terminal nearby, where a digital display looks like it’s forging pages out of thin air in a matter that’s far more complicated and impressive-looking than it needs to be.

Panel 5: Sitting on the display are now piles of pages – they look rather very much like a script of some kind. WARREN ELLIS has gotten out of his chair – he’s no longer wearing the helmet, either – and approaches the pages.

Panel 6: WARREN ELLIS is reading through one of the collections of pages. He looks quite pleased with himself.

WARREN ELLIS (1): Looks like another work of genius.

WARREN ELLIS (2): I pity Grant Morrison and his silly mystical mumbo-jumbo.



  1. Bwah-hahaha!! Thank you, MKY for bringing another smile to my face. Kinda how I imagine Warren, even though I know it's far from true. Cool page.


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