Sunday, December 27, 2015

Warren Ellis's GRAVEL - Turn the Page, Part 5 - Ray Wonsowski

See last episode for links to the first 4 parts to the story...

Previously...CLEA, antique dealer AUGUST TURN, and private eye JESSICA JONES had been pulled into the Dark Dimension via a portal hidden in an armoire. Sensing the mystical imbalance impending, LADY SATAN has dispatched to their aid the mysterious gunslinger, the ACE OF SPADES, and a certain WILLIAM GRAVEL...


Panel 1- CLEA, her hands in the throes of magick gesticulation, strains to reinforce her protective spell, a large translucent angelic aura embossed with the glyphs of Heaven. AUGUST and JESSICA hide behind her as a cadre of MINDLESS ONES batter the aura.

CLEA: Shield of the Seraphim!!
AUGUST: What are these things?!?
CLEA: Minions of my uncle. Mindless Ones - their only drive is to destroy all that lies before them.
JESSICA: We need help!!

Panel 2- same as above, except, as if on cue, mystic bullets curve and weave through the MINDLESS ONES, causing them to shatter, just as CLEA's shield cracks.

(Off-panel): Right.

Panel 3- POV change, Dutch angle, two silhouettes, one a bulky male, the other a slender female, both holstering pistols, walking toward us through a cloud of floating pebbles.

GRAVEL: This isn't just a stroll through the Body Orchard. This is the first salvo in what could be an interdimensional war.

Panel 4- same as above, but the pebble cloud has parted like curtains, revealing WILLIAM GRAVEL, dressed in military fatigues, and the ACE OF SPADES, minus the cowboy hat, hair tied back, in purple silk pants and blouse tied at the navel (note: her revolvers are holstered handles outward, as if she draws cross-armed). The ACE points her thumb at GRAVEL, while he waves her off with his palm.

ACE OF SPADES: Mister Melodrama here, everything is so "worst case scenario"...
GRAVEL: 'cuz everything IS worst-case. 
GRAVEL: I'm Bill Gravel, S.A.S. Combat magician. This is the ACE, immortal gunslinger.
ACE: We're the cavalry. be continued...

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