Friday, January 29, 2016

A Sudden Change in Outlook--"6"--David Press


1.1: We’re going to open on a crowded sidewalk in a city that doesn’t really matter, but it’s surrounded with various sorts of people of all sorts of race, dress, etc. This city’s sidewalk could be in Saratoga Springs or Los Angeles—it doesn’t matter. But in this case I’d like to highlight a few people: there is a CLUTZ, a punk rockfish BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND, two FRAT BOYS, and a LAWYER—in a suit, talking on his phone.


1.2: THE BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND walk arm in arm. TWO FRAT BOYS pass them going in the other direction. The shot should be wide enough that we can see the FRAT BOY closest to the GIRLFRIEND, passes something into her purse.

1. BOYFRIEND:        That fucking jerk.
2. GIRLFRIEND:       Let it go honey.

1.3: They see THE CLUTZ dancing in the street, waving his iPod around. He’s on the street side of the sidewalk. In front of them, about to walk into the Clutz is THE LAWYER—on his phone.

3. CLUTZ [singing]: Midnight in the ciiiitttty!
3B.CLUTZ:            Keep calm, Stanley. She’s just a work colleague.
4. BOYFRIEND:        HA! Look at this dude.

1.4: THE LAWYER, on his cell-phone, collides with the CLUTZ.

5. LAWYER:           Watch it, jackass!

1.5: THE CLUTZ’s IPOD flies into the air.


1.6: The iPOD smashes against the wall next to the BOYFRIEND.


1.7: He picks it up and shows the dashed pieces to his girlfriend.

6. GIRL:             Who’d’ve thought that there were so many pieces?

1.8: It electrocutes them. Their faces light up with blue electricity pulsing through their veins.  


1.9: The boyfriend and girlfriend explode in a giant orb of blue light, taking the LAWYER, the CLUTZ, and the FRAT BOYS with them.



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