Friday, January 15, 2016

Dilraj Mann's 014--"Lover's Embrace"--David Press

This starts off from an semi-autobio story of my second to last night in living in New York City. 

4.1: I’m climbing the steps that outlet onto BLEECKER STREET. A taco stand to my left and the main strip in front of me.


4.2: I’m joining a crowd of people trying to get into the HOUSING WORKS BOOKSTORE. There are a bunch of lingerers smoking cigarettes and chatting. The door is quite clogged.

1. CAPTION [LOCATION]:    Housing Works Bookstore.

4.3: SPLASH! Inside of the bookstore: filled with books and large dance floor. Tons of people are everywhere. There is a GIRL pushing herself out of the crowd towards me.

2. GIRL:             DAVE!

4.3: The GIRL is up to me now. She has dreadlocks and wire-frame glasses. She’s wearing a black shirt and some khakis.

3. GIRL:             Glad you could make it.

4. ME:               Thanks for inviting me, Mac! Relieved to be out of school?

4.4: We’re heading over to the bar on the far side of bookstore.

5. MAC:              Feels great! How does it feel to be done with grad school?

6. ME:               Awesome! I never thought I would make it…

7. MAC:              I hear ya!

4.5: At the bar, we’re holding two Stella Artois bottles.

8. MAC:             So, what are you going to do your last night in town?

9. ME:               Second to last night.
9B. ME:             I’m thinking about just spending it with you.

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  1. This is a lovely little page, David! The description and dialogue give a real sense of intimacy.

    I'm a little confused at your "DISPLAY LEFT" description in panel 1. Would that be a caption of some sort or is that meant to represent a street sign on the left-hand side of the panel? (also, watch your panel number, you got 4.3 up there twice).


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