Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dilraj Man's 014 - Life of the Party - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot of a party not unlike that featured in the middle level of Dilraj Mann's page.

CAPTION: Why do we party?

2 - A young woman dances wildly on the dance floor.  Eyes closed, she's in her own world.  While there are others around, she stands out.

CAPTION: It's the freedom to be brave...

3 - A young woman awkwardly stands along the wall, holding a red Dixie cup.  She surreptitiously looks towards another woman who stands near him along the same wall, confidently talking to someone who's mostly off-panel.

CAPTION: ...or to work up the courage.

4 - A group of friends stand with their arms wrapped around their shoulders, singing loudly to the music that's playing.

CAPTION: It's time with those you know best...

5 - A young man and woman talk to each other.  Both wear nervous smiles, blushing and struggling to maintain eye-contact.  One of them may be reaching to their hair to re-place a stray curl.

CAPTION: ...or those you may want to know better.

6 - Two men makes out by the window with the gusto that only young lovers can, without regard for what others may think of their very public display of affection.

CAPTION: It's an occasion for something more...

7 - A woman slaps an over-eager man.

CAPTION: ...and sometimes, something less.

8 - A woman is doing a keg stand, two people standing nearby to support her legs and someone holding the tap to her mouth.

CAPTION: It's the chance to lay it all out there...

9 - A few friends sit on the couch, chatting.

CAPTION: ...or play it more lowkey.

10 - Shot of the apartment building, further out to still be able to see the figures partying, but also others parts of the city.

CAPTION (1): It's a place where you can be yourself...

CAPTION (2): ...or try out who you might want to be.

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  1. I can tell this was a tight squeeze, but I love the challenge of pushing yourself with a 10-panel page, and the control with the captions. That would be hard for me to justify for myself and I would probably have consolidated a few captions and cut two or three panels. But it does give a huge scope.


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