Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mirror Universe - A.I.M. Higher - Ray Wonsowski

Layout :

Panel 1- on a large video monitor, we are given a view of a beautiful day, a lush fruit orchard, the citrus ripe  and the colors vibrant.

CAPTION : Sub-Saharan Africa.

Panel 2- interior, the command center of Advanced Idea Mechanics, computers monitored by various A.I.M. scientists. Hovering in the center, looking up beatifically at the monitor, is M.O.D.O.C (Mechanical Organism Designed Only for Creation), humbly pleased with his work.

AIM SCIENTIST 1: Project EDEN is ready for its second harvest!

AIM SCIENTIST 2: We are go for human cancer cure trials, sir!

CAPTION (M.O.D.O.C): Dear Johann, these wonders are only the beginning...


  1. There's a definitely an elegant simplicity to what you've done here - it gets the idea across easily and quickly enough.

    On the other hand, I can't help but wonder if it's maybe a touch too simple and couldn't delve into explore what you've created here just a little more.

  2. I'm with MK in that I'm interested in the premise you've presented here. In a single page, I'd be curious as to how one would communicate the differences between M.O.D.O.C. and M.O.D.O.K. (beyond the dialogue provided), but I imagine over a longer tale it would become pretty clear.

    I'd be particularly intrigued to learn what the conflict would be in this kind of story.


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