Monday, January 4, 2016

Star Wars Force Awakens--"HIPSTER KYLO REN"--David Press

This starts off as if Adam Driver's character from GIRLS is actually in the place of KYLO REN. The objective: ask out Captain Phasma.


1.1: Looking straight up into KYLO REN’S HELMET as he walks towards something—we can’t see what it is—let's just focus on his helmet. The captions will go back and forth with his discussion with GENERAL HUX.

            1. CAPTION [Kylo]: “How’s it look? Pretty boss right?

1.2: Full-sized image of Ren’s visage as he walks down a metallic and poorly lit hallway. We're inside the factory in the movie.

            2. CAPTION [Kylo, cont’d]: No, not the outfit, the helmet, asswipe.

1.3: Cutting away to the room with Darth Vader’s helmet. GENERAL HUX is in there with Kylo. Hux is shrugging.

            3. HUX: I wouldn’t want to be head-butted by you.

            4. KYLO: Damn right.
            4b. KYLO: You think she’ll like it?

1.4: Back to the hallway and Ren is flanked by TWO STORM TROOPERS.

            5. CAPTION [Hux]: “She?”

1.5: CAPTAIN PHASMA coming from the other direction. She is ALSO flanked by TWO STORM TROOPERS--both are carrying suitcases.

            6. CAPTION [Kylo]: “Captain Phasma. I hear she’s hot under that helmet.”

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  1. Haha. I must admit to never having watched Girls, but the mood your going for is readily apparent nonetheless. A rather goofy page, but definitely in a good way.


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