Monday, January 4, 2016

The Force Awakens - Off-Duty - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Rey kisses the forehead of an unconscious Finn (yes, we're repeating one of the final scenes of the film here - deal with it).

REY: We will see each other again.  I do believe that.

2 - On Finn as Rey walks away.


3 - On Finn.  Night time.  There's a vase of flowers that has been set up nearby.  Hold onto your hats, we're going into something of a montage.


4 - On Finn.  Afternoon.  A doctor stands nearby, looking over his chart.  The flowers have bloomed and look beautiful.


5 - On Finn.  Morning.  The flowers have dried out and are dying.

VOICE (off-panel): You should rest.

6 - Reverse angle.  Still on Finn, but it's revealed that Poe Dameron is sitting by his bed, looking at his friend.  Poe looks tired and worn, but upbeat and optimistic.  The doctor stands nearby, looking at Finn's chart again.

POE: Maybe, but that man deserves to wake up to a friendly face.

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